See what satisfied customers are saying about NowMi!


Andria Charles, age 55, NowMi customer

My complexion has never looked smoother. I have NowMi and its anti-aging nutrients to thank! I’ve used other facial treatments in the past, but none have cleaned my skin as thoroughly as NowMi. I can’t recommend it enough.

Molly Wamzone, age 42, NowMi customer

I’ve stopped going to the spa for my facials ever since buying NowMi. The treatment provides the same luxurious feeling of a professional facial - but at a fraction of the price! I feel so much better about myself knowing that I’m cleaning, caring for and protecting my skin with NowMi.

Joe Clark, age 40, NowMi customer

After hearing my wife talk so highly about NowMi, I had to see for myself what all the excitement was about. Having applied the NowMi treatment to my own skin for a few weeks now, I see for myself how much cleaner and tighter my own skin feels and looks. My wife was right about how effective NowMi is.

Michelle Rosner, age 25, NowMi customer

NowMi’s technology really makes skin care a snap. Taking care of myself has never been so easy. Committing five minutes once a week to enjoy a gentle facial massage with NowMi has restored a healthy glow to my skin and tons of confidence in me.

Mark Finn, age 38, NowMi customer

Though life is busy, I always try to find some time to take care of myself. I really appreciate NowMi’s speedy and revolutionary technology, which makes it easier to properly clean and rejuvenate my skin.

Emily Rust, age 50, NowMi customer

Living in a fast-paced city, pollution and daily stress can take a toll on my skin. But the deep-cleaning NowMi treatment thoroughly opens my pores and nourishes my skin with anti-aging nutrients. I can’t believe it only takes five minutes for my skin to look and feel so much cleaner and fresher. 

Sandra Elmer, age 30, NowMi customer

As an executive who travels often, the NowMi treatment allows me to care for my skin even
when I’m on the road. Its easy-to- use applicator device is compact and portable. While
traveling or at home, the NowMi treatment is a convenient, soothing and central part of my
regular skincare routine.

Lucy Hopfer, age 45, NowMi customer

With children and a full-time job, it’s difficult to commit tao a complicated and time-consuming
facial care regime. The NowMi treatment is perfect since it only takes five minutes once a week.
It makes leaves my skin feeling so clean, nourished and cared for, that I find myself looking
forward to the treatments. The results on my complexion are an added bonus.

Amy Penmen, age 42, NowMi customer

After hitting my 40 th birthday, I felt like it was time to address the wrinkles forming around my
eyes and mouth. The NowMi treatments have improved my wrinkles, leaving my face feeling
fresher, tighter and younger. The difference is visible – to me and my friends.

Lisa Stephens, age 35, NowMi customer

I’ve been wanting to get rid of the sun spots that have developed on my face after years of
being exposed to the sun on a daily basis. After just four NowMi treatments, I already see a
remarkable difference. The spots are fading, and my skin looks smoother and healthier overall.