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Original NowMi Treatment Kit

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NowMi is the most advanced home-use facial treatment on the market today.

Unlike any other treatment, NowMi simultaneously performs four powerful steps that combine the most important elements of professional facial treatments.
These include:
1. Skin exfoliation (i.e., the removal of dead skin cells and dirt from your skin’s surface);
2. Nourishment of vitamin C, E and hyaluronic acid, which revive and repair your skin;
3. Enriching your skin with oxygen for optimal nutrient absorption; and
4. Protection against skin damage from external factors, like smoke, pollution, and excessive alcohol consumption.

The effects of the 4 steps are possible due to the interaction of the effervescent tablets and the lubricating gel on the skin. The tablets contain vitamin C of the purest quality, when combined with the lubricant gel on the skin, produce Co2 particles. This Co2 environment allows oxygen to reach the skin from within, this is called oxygenation, which is important since it is only when oxygen reaches the skin from the inside that nutrients are able to be fully absorbed. The results are: glowing, revitalized, and firm skin, tightened pores, and even skin tone and texture. 

The Original NowMi Kit contains:

  • 1 NowMi Facial Treatment Applicator
  • 1 Lubricating Gel 100ml tube
  • 6 Effervescent Tablets containing Vitamin C

NowMi Review - How to do it by yourself

Additional Information
Rejuvenate and Protect Your Skin
The NowMi treatment works in 4 simple steps:

1. Exfoliation
The NowMi treatment gently exfoliates your skin to remove unwanted dead cells and dirt. NowMi uses an effervescent tablet that contains vitamin C, which helps open your pores for optimal penetration and infusion of anti-aging nutrients into your skin. Prior to exfoliating your skin, a gel containing Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid is first applied to NowMi’s vitamin C tablet already attached to the applicator. This gel helps dissolve the tablet’s particles into your skin and ensures the applicator’s smooth glide across your skin. NowMi’s exfoliation allows optimal absorption of nutrients that are important components of long-lasting skin care.

2. Nourishment
The NowMi treatment thoroughly nourishes your skin with its powerful combination of vitamin C tablet and gel containing vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. Fully penetrated and absorbed into your skin’s surface, these anti-aging and anti-inflammatory nutrients set to work rejuvenating your skin.
Vitamins C and E are clinically proven to help combat signs of aging on your skin and to reduce inflammation. Together with hyaluronic acid, these nutrients that the NowMi applicator smoothly massages into your skin, help restore and maintain your skin’s firmness, moisture and vitality.

3. Oxygenation
The interaction between NowMi’s gel and vitamin C tablet creates a CO2-rich environment on your skin’s surface. This stimulates your body to send oxygenated blood cells to the skin, which enhances the absorption of skin-nourishing nutrients.
By using its gel and vitamin C tablet to create micro CO2 bubbles on your skin, the NowMi treatment activates a natural physiological response in your body, which is referred to as the Bohr effect. This effect stimulates an oxygen-rich environment in the skin, heightening nutrient absorption for ultimate skin-care results.

4. Protection
The NowMi treatment was designed to replenish your skin’s vitamin C supply. While this powerful antioxidant protects the skin against damage caused by pollution and smoking, its quantity within your skin cells decreases with age. By restoring much-needed vitamin C, the NowMi treatment helps your skin better protect itself over time.
Vitamin C is the most prevalent antioxidant in the human skin but diminishes with age. It is vital in maintaining heal
You want healthier, revitalized skin. We make it happen!
How to apply the NowMi treatment:

- Insert the NowMi vitamin C tablet into the NowMi applicator
- Apply a small amount of NowMi gel onto the vitamin C tablet
- Use the NowMi applicator to gently massage the skin with the gelled tablet
- Add more gel onto the tablet to form a thick layer over the entire area of skin
- Continue using the applicator to massage the skin for 3-5 minutes
- At the end of use, rinse the skin and applicator with clean water
- For best results, apply once a week
Sunday, 28 October 2018
I was surprised how quickly I saw a difference in my skin. After the first treatment my skin was literally glowing AND clear. The results have been getting better and better with each use. I really love how it makes my skin feel and look.
Sunday, 28 October 2018
As a new mother I no longer have time to go to the salon to get regular facials, so I decided to get the NowMi kit. I was a bit sceptical but decided to give it a try. After I do the super quick treatments my skin feels so refreshed and invigorated, It truly feels like it mimics a salon facial which is EXACTLY what I wanted! I am very satisfied.
Thursday, 12 April 2018
I’ve been wanting to get rid of the sun spots that have developed on my face after years of being exposed to daily sun. After just four NowMi treatments, I already see a remarkable difference in my complexion. The spots are fading and my skin looks smoother and healthier overall.