What is the NowMi treatment?

NowMi is the most advanced home-use facial treatment on the market today. Unlike any other treatment, NowMi simultaneously performs four powerful steps that combine the most important elements of professional facial treatments. These include: 1. Skin exfoliation (i.e., the removal of dead skin cells and dirt from your skin’s surface); 2. Nourishment of vitamin C, E and hyaluronic acid, which revive and repair your skin; 3. Enriching your skin with oxygen for optimal nutrient absorption; and 4. Protection against skin damage from external factors, like smoke, pollution and excessive alcohol consumption.

What skin issues can the NowMi treatment be used for?

The NowMi treatment can be used for: 

- Skin rejuvenation

- Reduction of fine lines

- Improvement of textural imperfections

- Pore tightening 

- Skin hydration 

- Volume restoration 

- Revitalization of dull complexion

How does the NowMi treatment’s vitamin C tablet differ from other forms of vitamin C?

The NowMi treatment uses vitamin C of the highest purity to achieve maximum skin rejuvenation results. Since NowMi’s effervescent vitamin C tablet is sealed until use, the vitamin isn’t exposed to air and light, which can diminish its quality. Plus, in tablet form, vitamin C remains highly potent, unlike in gels or creams, where it may be diluted with other products and exposed to air and light, therefore having decreased potencyl.

How does the NowMi treatment oxygenate my skin?

When NowMi’s effervescent vitamin C tablet and gel interact, they produce millions of CO2 (carbon dioxide) bubbles on your skin’s surface. This triggers the Bohr Effect, which means that your body responds to the additional CO2 by naturally releasing oxygen-rich blood and sending it to the target area for balance. This release oxygenates the skin from within, which maximizes the absorption of anti-aging nutrients. This process is beneficial in all anti-aging and corrective skin procedures.

Is the NowMi treatment effective on all skin types?

The NowMi treatment is effective on all skin types (I-V).

How does the NowMi treatment feel?

The NowMi treatment feels like a pleasant, spa-quality facial massage – but in the comfort of your own home. While it is effective on all skin types, those with more sensitive skin may feel a warm and mild itching sensation on the skin.

What should I expect to see and feel after each NowMi treatment?

After each NowMi treatment, your skin is enriched with oxygen and nutrients. As such, your face will look radiant and shiny and feel soft and smooth. You’ll look and feel healthier.

When should I perform the NowMi treatment?

If you have an upcoming event for which you want to look and feel your best, it’s recommended to apply the NowMi treatment on the same day or a day before for maximum results. Your skin will look and feel wonderful right after the treatment, and the long-lasting results will still be visible during the event.